Green Initiative

CreatiVision's Green Event Guide:
1. Clean and green the event venue.
2. Ban using of disposable plastic/ polystyrene utensils and products.
3. Separate and re-cycle waste/ trash.
4. Promote on-line registration and save papers.
5. Use the most environmental friendly means of transport, e.g., walking, cycling, carpooling, using public transport
6. Reduce the consumption of water, energy, materials and supply.
7. Limit food waste.
8. Re-use the signage and promotional materials. Do not state date or specific information on signs so that they can be re-used over the years.
9. Consume food that is locally grown, organic, preferably vegetarian, and produced by local community.
10. Raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage sustainable and responsible behavior.

1. 对举办活动的场地,做好绿化清洁工作。
2. 活动中禁用一次性塑料或含有聚苯乙烯的餐具和产品。
3. 将活动中的垃圾进行分类,以利废品再造,循环使用
。 4. 减少印刷品与纸制文件,推广电子注册与使用电子版文件。
5. 倡导低碳环保出行,如步行、骑自行车、拼车、乘坐公共交通工具等。
6. 降低能耗,减少使用水、能源、物料、补给等。
7. 制止浪费食物。
8. 提倡多次使用没有特定日期等信息的标牌或宣传材料。
9. 尽量使用当地农产品和种植的有机食物, 鼓励素食与当地社群生产的食品,以减少运输能耗。
10. 在各活动中提高当地居民对环境环保课题的认识,并鼓励可持续发展和对环境负责的行为。