An Inter-faith Forum: “Religion’s Roles, Relevance And Activities In Promoting Environmental Sustainability”

Date: 20th November, 2020
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom, New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free - Online registration required
Co-organized by: CreatiVision Technovosda Sdn. Bhd
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

In conjunction with The International Shravasti Cultural Festival 2020 (ShravastiFest2020) in Kuala Lumpur, 20-22 November 2020, we will be organizing a one-day forum on the 20th, tentatively titled “Religion’s roles, Relevance and Activities in Promoting Environmental Sustainability”. This forum will be attended by heads of different faiths, university students, professionals and representatives from the public sector, including representatives from government ministries.

This is a rare opportunity to gather so many different faiths in an event; and, in one voice with their leaders, we wish to emphasize the importance of environmental sustainability and how individuals and communities can play bigger roles. Some are already contributing to the betterment of the environment in their own practices and will be sharing their stories in this forum. Others may not have started or have not substantially implemented sustainable practices in their operations. We are planning to use this occasion to jolt the participants to the various issues arising from environmental degradation and escalate implementing the practicable immediately. (Some of the indigenous people from the Himalayan region participating in this event are already experiencing the negative effects of climate change.)

We are scheduling some of the heads (of different faiths) to talk about what they have been doing or are embarking to implement, in the morning session. The afternoon will have experts/practitioners to talk about various problems/issues/disasters arising from environmental degradation, or practices that can help sustain our environment. The final (panel) session will have all the speakers discussing/proposing what can be some good ways forward for the leaders (heads) to implement – taking into accounts that they are big influencers and also to oversee many projects (including facilities and infrastructure). Suggestions will include areas in permaculture, green buildings, renewal energy, waste management, etc.

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Note: This Program is inter-faith, is open to all races, religions and nationalities.

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